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أهلا وسهلا بك زائرنا الكريم، إذا كانت هذه زيارتك الأولى للمنتدى يشـرفنــــا تسجيــــلك و إن كنت عضوا معنا فقم بإدخال بيناتك.****شكرا****. تدكر قوله تعالى: { مَا يَلْفِظُ مِن قَوْلٍ إِلَّا لَدَيْهِ رَقِيبٌ عَتِيدٌ } سورة ق الآية 18.

عـــــــــــــــــلِـــــــم و تعــــــــــــــــــلـــــــــم
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[b]Hello Sisters/Brothers

Hope u enjoy these nice poetries

My friend

When I am hurt
I tell you my pain
When I am lost
You are there to show me the way

When times seem to get rough
You some how seem to show up
We might not get along but we try the best we can
But no matter what we always seem to get throw the
bad times

I hope we remain friends
Even when the road starts to end
Lets stay friends like we were from the start
And I mean every word from the heart


Why must one have so many choices. . .. . .. . ..?
I sit, sit, and sit listening to my own voices
I can't ever make up my mind
I always feel myself in a bind

At times I think I know what I want
Then I realize my life is not written in that font

I go to someone and ask for advice
It seems every time it comes with some sort of

The people I ask are the people that care
The rest of them aren't even aware

Lately there's one choice that's constantly in my

It seems so hard, kinda like a hotel room bed

Some people think they understand
Where I am coming from its in my own hand

While all these choices are floating around
I'll just wait and think, maybe with my head in the

The choices are so great, the choices are so far
I figure now I'll live one day at a time, and live
it up to par.

Why must one have so many choices. . .. . .. . .. .
.. . .. . ..?


The Poem Of Like
On the dreadful day of March 30, 2001
I would finally realize fate
One saw myself get closer to the sun
At that point of time there was not one ounce of

All I could think about was love
Then I close my eyes,
And visualize the man above
All the sudden all I could hear were the cries

Were they Angels?
Were they prophets?
As my head was in a mangle
I watered like a faucet

The people spoke
Were they there to assist?
Then I woke
And wanted to give myself a kiss

On the dreadful day of March 30, 2001
I would finally realize fate....


This Promise Is True
you showed me the way
the way that no one else could
when you wishper my name
I new that I should
I wish you would tell me
the hurt you are going through
but even if you dont no matter
I'll always be here for you!
that is the promise that im makeing
to you
now and forever this promise
is true !!!

I have a dream
"I have a dream", he said
as sweat came falling from his head
I listened, anxious, hanging on his every word
The people were quiet so this black rev. could be

"All men are created equal", I heard him say
But I doubted it on this day
For the past week, month, and year
We were forced to run, to fear
How could there be equality in the land
While hate has ruled with iron hand?
All of a sudden there was a real loud bang
And to this day no one knows from whom the bullet

Everything was like slow mo
When I saw the pastor go
He fell down with a biff
His body was cold and was stiff
We tried to help but it was too late
Cause he was already at the gate
In the shadows we were livin'
Until to us our rights were given

its no joke i've been roped in chokin on a bone
from a fish in the school of your twilight zone
you shook me, took me to another place
where the air im breathin's like mace in my face
suggestions questions ppl wanna know
is this what love is? cause if it is then id better

Thank You For All

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